Why should I recycle?

The importance of recycling
Lead acid batteries are among the most recyclable products in the world with 98% of lead-acid batteries being recycled. However, the components in these batteries, which include lead, plastic and acid can be extremely harmful to our environment if they are not properly treated.

Recycling is essential for sustainability, waste prevention and reducing the risk of polluting our environment. First National Battery is committed to making it as simple as possible for South Africans to recycle their batteries.

A key concern in SA is the importation of lead acid batteries by organisations (or businesses) that do not have any recycling measures in place. Unlike local manufacturers, these importers do not share the same sense of responsibility to protect the local environment and ensure the sustainability of the battery manufacturing process. As a result, through Scrap Battery, First National Battery actively looks for scrap lead acid batteries, not just their own, to recycle.