Scrap Battery is a division of local battery manufacturer, First National Battery. We are committed to the on-going protection of the environment through our recycling initiatives.

With its own recycling facility in Benoni, First National Battery is able to reduce the risk of pollution, prevent waste and control the quality of lead being used to create new batteries in South Africa.

First National Battery’s recycling facility include a Government Certified battery breaker, an effluent plant that treats the acid, a lead smelter, a blending kettle to produce specialised alloys and scrubbers to control environmental emissions.

A plastic reprocessing plant has also been recently commissioned, thereby completing the entire reprocessing cycle – with a registered disposal certificate for ISO companies on request.

Scrap Battery works with Battery Centre outlets nationwide to collect batteries for recycling in exchange for cash and offers a collection service for high volumes of used lead acid batteries. For more about Battery Centre, click here.