Do you know what to do when your car battery is on its way out? Scroll down to find out. The experts at First National Battery outlets will test your battery for free and help you to select and fit a new battery, while your old battery is sent for recycling. Used batteries are collected by Scrap Battery from First National Battery outlets such as Battery Centres, Exide outlets and other pick up points around South Africa. To find out exactly where to drop off your battery or to see if you are eligible for Scrap Battery’s free scrap collection service, call us toll-free on 0800 333 462. The collected batteries are transported to the First National Battery recycling plant in Benoni. Batteries arrive at the recycling plant and are processed through a battery breaker to separate out the lead, plastic and acid. The pellets are re-used to manufacture new battery containers and covers. Lead is used to produce lead alloys for new batteries. Water is neutralised and disposed of. The end result? A brand new lead acid battery. Did you know? More than 90% of all scrap batteries in South Africa are recycled – making them one of the most recyclable consumer products on the market. By comparison only 65% of newspaper, 30% of plastics and just 26% of glass bottles are recycled. Battery Centre First National Battery factory Battery Battery Battery Lead Water Battery Lead Water Battery
Scrap Battery is a division of local battery manufacturer, First National Battery. We are committed to the on-going protection of the environment through our recycling initiatives.

Protect the environment, earn extra cash and support sustainable development by letting the battery experts at Scrap Battery safely recycle your used lead acid batteries.

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